A powerful light, connecting humanity.

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Bonfire, reimagined.

A massive laser-light in the center of the dance floor. INVT’s Miami beats bumping to pump the party. Come join us for a once in a lifetime experience.

AiBeacon connects us with magic of Ai technology — an ultra-vivid laser points down at the floor creating a singular, powerful light source that unites us in its glow. AiBeacon introduces an entirely new way of connecting with each other based on natural biological rhythms and authentic emotional response. Ushering in a new era of spatial technology and creative inspiration never before seen in an installation, redefining how we connect with one another.

Energy creates energy.

New Nostalgia is a fake tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley building experiences that inspire and connect humanity.

In the face of late stage capitalism, the rise of automation, and meaning crisis for creatives, New Nostalgia believes in the power of real experiences to positively guide human behavior. Similar to gathering around a bonfire, we believe centering humans around bright light has the ability to inspire hope and togetherness. Our flagship installation, AiBeacon aims to provide a metaphorical and physical unifying symbol for human connection and inspiration.

Our Core Values:

Work should be fun.
Be unique and bold.
Push the status quo.
Work/life balance is important.
All hands on deck.

Past experiences.

AiBeacon 3
Location: SF Warehouse
Date: June 7th, 2024
Capacity: 250
Surface: 1,066m²
AiBeacon 3 was displayed to a crowd of 250 at an undisclosed warehouse in the Bayview district. The DJs faced the VJs from opposite ends with AiBeacon in the beaming down in the center. A surprise overhead laser was revealed in the middle of the party with Bay Area music acts soundtracking the night.
AiBeacon 2
Location: Gray Area, San Francisco
Date: April 27th, 2024
Surface: 935m²
AiBeacon 2 premiered at Gray Area in San Francisco. The 6.5m laser emerged from the ceiling enclosed by a plastic, reflective barricade hiding additional DMX lights and fog. AiBeacon was revealed in the middle of the event by curtain draw with energetic, dance music from Miami Duo INVT soundtracking the night.
AiBeacon 1
Location: Envelop SF, San Francisco
Date: March 6, 2024
Capacity: 50
Surface: 90m²
AiBeacon 1 premiered to 2 crowds of 50 attendees at Envelop SF. A 30 minute pre-recorded show with pulsating, organic, laser designs was displayed at two separate showings. The audio featured experimental soundtracks with up-beat dance tracks. For safety, a chainlink barrier taught by cinderblocks was placed around the circumference of the AiBeacon. Phones were prohibited during the show.

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Come dance.

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